Playing with a smartphone for a long time doesn’t seem like a good idea. Today most of the parents have only one question in their mind, and that is why their children are not listening. They spend more and more time on smartphones. So how to save your child from smart devices?

Nowadays, my 5-years-old toddler is an expert in putting a YouTube video she likes on my smartphone, making it full-screen and turning up the volume. Even she can play games, take photos, share with others and more. Sometimes she can find her favorite songs, play them and then adjust the song progress cursor and volume to the part of the song she especially likes. Well, she can also occasionally call someone from the contacts list and then hang up. So this is the digital & unique experience for her & she enjoyed it. Somewhere we loved too.

But in today’s digital world, is it ideal to take kids completely off screens? Children are extremely savvy when it comes to the use of electronic devices. In recent times children try to learn everything with the help of smart devices. Unlike our kids, however, we have reasons for looking at screens all day.

Save your child from smart devices

If you also want your kids away from smart devices, spend more time with them. Avoid spending too much time on the smart devices while your kids are with you. That would be good impact on them.

Here are some simple tips to save your child from smart devices:

  • Don’t put your hope on the kid to come to you and say “Here, I finished the game, take the phone.” That won’t happen. You are the one to enforce this agreement. If you gave him the phone, limit the usage. Agree on some terms and stand by them. Some possible agreements may be: “Use it for five minutes,” (even if he still doesn’t understand the time concept) or “One game of angry birds,” or “One episode of ‘Tom and Jerry,’ and that’s it.”
  • Another tip to save your child from smart devices is Try to make conversation out of it and understand why it is so important for him to have it. If you get yourself a scene, don’t give up. Perseverance is the key to success. If he’s asking for a phone just say “No.” Of course, don’t be obnoxious. Say it in a most pleasant, but assertive way you can
  • Try to use his playing with the phone for your own benefit. For example: If he’s playing “Talking Tom,” agree with the kid that if the cat says, “Let’s eat dinner,” he must go eating. If you are familiar with this app, you understand that it’s quite easy to do… This way, you both have fun and also gain a kid eating dinner. But, beware not turning it into a habit.
  • Not Right Before Bed. Kids need sleep and screens can keep you awake. Not only do you get addicted to whatever you’re doing, but the artificial light can also interfere with your sleep patterns. Best not to use mobile devices for the hour before you go to sleep.
  • Set Family Rules Perhaps they have to behave well during the week, not squabble and bicker with each other to be allowed the privilege of playing with a mobile. Or actually, turn it off when their time is up. Set rules and stick to them.

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