One apple intake per day keeps you healthy. Apple is an excellent type of fruit that is easily available in the market in different varieties. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” most famous proverb that most of us are familiar with, but what makes this fruit so special? Let’s see what are the benefits of eating Apple daily?

What really happens to your body when you eat an Apple a Day?

When it comes to munching down on fruit every day, many individuals choose items like bananas, plums, peaches, oranges, and pears which are all great choices. In compare to other fruits apples have too many benefits.

Choosing to eat an apple a day will help you lower your risk for conditions like anemia, diabetes, gallstones, liver disorders, heart conditions, and stomach illness.

Eating an apple a day can also reduce body weakness, lower your risk of certain cancers, and help rheumatism symptoms. Plus, there are over 7,500 varieties of apples out there, ensuring that there will always be one that you will have a liking for.

Benefits of Eating Apple Daily

The Benefits of Eating Apple Daily

It helps your digestion

Due to the amount of fiber in apples, your bowel movements become regular which prevents things like constipation and stomach conditions.

Increases Nutrient Uptake

In addition to stimulating the metabolism, apple balance out bacteria in the large intestine. When the large intestine is properly balanced, nutrient uptake is improved which in turn helps eliminate toxins as the body can efficiently perform due to having enough nutrition.

Help to reduce cholesterol

A medium apple provides five grams of fiber-more than most cereals. They’re also packed with pectin, a soluble fiber that reduces cholesterol. Pectin prevents cholesterol from building up in the lining of blood vessel walls, thus reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Protect your heart

University of California-Davis researchers found that apples and apple juice may help slow the oxidation process that is involved in the buildup of plaque that leads to heart disease. Participants added only two apples or 12 ounces of apple juice to their diet daily and positive effects were evident after only six weeks.

Help prevent high blood pressure

There is overwhelming evidence that one-third of all cancer cases and half the incidences of cardiovascular disease and hypertension can be attributed to diet. Because apples are high in potassium, a mineral that helps control blood pressure, they can help reduce the risk of stroke.

Provide bone protection

Researchers believe that a flavonoid called phloridzin-found only in apples-may protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and may also increase bone density. Boron, another ingredient in apples, also strengthens bones.

Apples can prevent heart disease

Most important benefit of eating Apple daily is it helps your body defend against heart disease by lowering cholesterol among other things. Apples do this with their antioxidants, and by offering a good amount of fiber.

Keeps Brain Healthy

Apples are good for boosting brainpower. According to studies, consumption of Apple juice benefits in increasing the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which boosts memory. These chemicals are released from nerve cells and they transmit a message to other cells, forming a communication network that projects the brain is in good health.

Controls Diabetes

Stay safe from diabetes, consuming an apple per day, say, experts. Studies across the globe have shown that those who have an apple a day, actually almost safe from attracting type 2 diabetes, in comparison to people who do not have apples. This is because the fruit has plenty of soluble fiber in it, and this helps to control or lowers the levels of sugar in the blood too.

Improve Blood Circulation

Apples are a natural way to improve your blood circulation. It loaded with Vitamin C, which can help in reducing the clotting of blood and increasing good flow. Apples can also act as blood thinners, which strengthen the walls of the heart. They also prevent the formation of plaque inside the walls, which can obstruct blood flow.

Fights against Obesity

Apples have been also well accepted by the dieticians. When a dietician has to make a diet for the patient, an apple is included for sure. Want to take off your belly? Want to get rid of the obesity in you? Have an apple every day. It has been a major diet for reducing weight among middle-aged women. Obesity is no less than any other disease in this age. It has become common even in youngsters and children.

Reduce cavities and cleanses the mouth

Not only does eating apples every day help clean out your mouth, but it can also reduce how often you form cavities. The reason for this is that when you eat an apple, you produce saliva which kills off bacteria and the fiber from the flesh of the apple cleanses between the teeth.


So let’s go. Are you ready to start eating one apple every day from today?

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